how do you eat an elephant

I just ordered this beauty last night. Papercut Medallion Curtain (Urban Outfitters, $39.00)

Cute side table + gold border mirror purchased from Home Goods.

The answer is, one bite at a time. It’s worth mentioning because it’s a reminder to myself to just breathe sometimes. I got myself so worked up yesterday because I got a to-do + want-to-do list miles long, and sometimes you just need to remember that you just do what you can and get over it. I won’t bore you with the to-dos, but a want-to-do is definitely getting this living space in order. Believe it or not, focusing on making this gigantic throw pillow is helping! It’s giving me inspiration and a definite place to start.

Other want-tos include learning another language. Man I want to learn Spanish like YESTERDAY. For one, living in Texas I feel like I should already know it by now, and for another I get tired of pantomiming “wheelchair” or “put your carry-on luggage underneath the seat” to non-English speakers on the plane. I forked over big money for Rosetta Stone Spanish last year and disappointingly dropped off after completing only the first unit in the level 1 series. This year I’m at it again, but this time starting with the Duolingo app on my phone (available for Android users too) + it’s FREE forever, it says. I’ve seen its review ratings no lower that 4 out of 5 stars, you can learn Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German, AND they send you reminder emails everyday!! For me, that’s helpful. Another plus is that it’s always with me, so I can do this in the airport with some headphones without the need to yell phrases back into my phone.

Also, I decided to enroll online and take an Intro to Finance course through the University of Michigan….again for FREE through Coursera. It’s 15 weeks long, and it begins on January 28 if you were interested. If not, they have plenty of other courses to choose from with various dates, and many offer certificates upon successful completion. I just want to get a better grasp of the overall subject and my personal finances. They have the instructors upload videos to introduce themselves and the course. Also, the syllabus is available online. I love to learn, but since I don’t have the time to actually attend a class and since I just REFUSE to take out another loan for school, this is an awesome way to go about life-long learning.

I’m starting up another 4-day trip tomorrow to more awesomely cold destinations, so I’m going to see if I can get some more work done on that pillow on these layovers. I must! I made a pact with my sewing buddy Jeana that we WILL finish the projects we start this year.

Man, this elephant of mine is a monster.

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  1. I LOVE your curtains! I totally feel you on wanting your place to look exactly how you want it IMMEDIATELY. It’s overwhelming. Like, I totally hate our curtains right now, but we had buy some that kinda sorta went with our living room colors because we wanted to keep creepers and random homeless people in the park looking in on us…:/. And then there’s all the hand-me-down furniture we have that doesn’t quite go together. And the cheap bookshelves that are sagging in the middle because of all our law books. But you’re right, it’s one piece at a time. Totally digging your recent purchases.

    All the courses you’re signing up for sound awesome, too. I’ve been trying to learn tagalog for like, 10 years now, lol. I’ve got the books and tapes and everything. One day! One of Mani’s and my resolutions for this year is to learn more about personal finance as well, and really get started on saving. You should check out Blake’s post on newlywed budgeting. I thought it was inspiring.

    Here are a couple more craft projects you’d enjoy:

    Also, if you want to add a Pinterest badge to each post, go here:

    1. Hey THANKS mayne!! I died laughing at least twice when I read your comment….hate the curtains but they keep out peepers n creepers + the bit about trying to learn Tagalog for a decade LOL. But I knows it!! That ish is real!!! And yeah I knew that Blake had his finances going really well. Actually, I’m quite impressed with most of his financial wisdom he updates on fb. I’m all like, I went to school with this fool and I don’t remember any of that stuff being discussed in our design classes, haha.

      And btw I appreciate the links! If you find em, definitely keep em comin’! 😀

  2. That is one gorgeous print on that curtain! I love it. It’s interesting that my mom was flipping through a magazine and found a spread of a home that she thought I’d like. Immediately I saw my inspiration piece in the form of a living room. I did this online style assessment a while back and it said that my style was “Funky Eclectic” and when I saw that room, it was me. And I already had some of those pieces but hadn’t thought to put them together. You can read more about it here if you’re interested:

    1. Thanks much Libby! I read your post and once again it’s obvious that our lives parallel so much. I will definitely keep a space “disturbingly bare” from now on and just HATE it.

      I did the Home Stylist quiz btw and I got Modern and Sleek….unfortunately it’s actually a stigma I’m trying to move away from, but it’s pretty on-point, haha. I want to be more funky + eclectic!

  3. Ahh you mentioned me. 🙂 glad to see you eating the elephant. Sorry so late to your post, I’ve been getting over the flu. I’m still working on that shower curtain. Thanks also for the info on classes, I’ve been wanting to improve my Spanish. Thanks for the encouragement, sewing buddy, ttyl!

  4. Seriously, I want you to do something for me lol this is just too awesome. AND I got Rosetta Stone too smh I haven’t been on it at all. I’m going to check out that app you mentioned though. I need to get up on my Spanish speaking game pronto

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