one bed + one bath

Top photo: shot of main living area.
Next photo: My chosen color palette/scheme for the room.

I’ve been so scattered lately, but so pumped! After shacking up in a 2-bed/2-bath place for 6 months in California and later coming home to live with my parents for another almost 6 months, I’m so ready to be roommate-free!! Even though I will be eating top-ramen with canned veggies + plastic champagne glasses of tap-water, I’m overjoyed to have a space to decorate as my own! In between my trips I’ve tried to shop around for budget-friendly *cough* CHEAP *cough, cough* furniture. Saving has definitely been quite the challenge!

I’ve been doing some major upholstery shopping since I really want to style the place in a kind of modern bohemian chic type feel with a dash of moroccan inspiration I think. My Pinterest has actually been a huge player in pinpointing my style – clothing and otherwise. I have NO idea why I didn’t join up earlier! I have become a pinning fool.

Oddly interesting household items I found during my upholstery fabric hunt:

1. Graffiti-can looking alcohol shaker
2. Brass knuckles meat-tenderizer
3. A piggy bank perfect for a hurt economy
4. I don’t quite get the “mustache” trend, but this wine bottle opener is kinda cute. 

And I just started a knitting class in the Houston area 2 days ago! I’ve been wanting to learn for the longest and I have continuously inspired by Dana of the blog I am DWJ and her beautiful knitting!! It’s the perfect craft to take with me on layovers and looks like I’ll be starting my practice tonight in Toronto. Speaking of I need to start getting packed to leave . Updates soon!

P.S. — Cute site for how-to videos for knitting on Wool And The Gang.

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  1. Enjoy your new space. I’ll be waiting to see how you decorate. Your intended plans sound fantastic! And, I’m glad you’re taking up knitting. That’s one of the things I like about knitting and crocheting…they’re very mobile. Enjoy! 🙂

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