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McCall’s 6325 Misses top pattern, Version C

On the subject of sewing, I’ve heard only too often about a downright fear upon learning or beginning. It also seems common to have been gifted a machine once upon a time, only to finally take it out of its box years later. I possess partial ownership in this story too. I think it took nearly 5 years before I actually made the real effort to open the manual and give it a whirl. I’m so glad I did.

I’ve made a few things this past year, but since taking on this job I haven’t truly made any real clothes for myself. I can put blame on not having the time, but that’s just excuse territory. It’s more like a whole lotta lazy mixed with those old feelings of fear again. I’ve done a dress with a million pieces before, so what could I possibly be afraid of right? I’m a lazy perfectionist. That means that I will tear the idea of a project apart before I even begin AND THEN use the possibility of failure as an opportunity to not start (or finish) a project at all. That’s lame. I’m so over this.

I bought this printed fabric together with this pattern over a year ago with the intention of making this exact top. It has taken me a bit over a month to finish in between trips, but I’ve been absolutely DETERMINED to see this project through whether it turned out beautifully or not. I was sooooo dreading doing the buttonholes and matching them up correctly with the buttons, haha, but it wasn’t bad at all! I swear I’m so hard on myself and worry about nothing most times. I’m crazy happy how this turned out + I’m actually looking forward to the next project for once!

Project beginnings. Cutting lining + outer fabric pieces.

In mid strut, haha.

Also, be sure to check out Jade of the blog ‘These Days’ for her awesome + easy-to-follow DIY shorts video tutorial. She actually uses the exact same fabric print that I’ve used for my top.


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  1. i get so happy when i see a post from you in my blogroll. you’ve got a monstrously creative eye.

    this top is MAGIC. worth the wait! have you tried it paired with your shorts?

    1. *eyes really really wide* MAGIC you say? coming from the wickedly creative talent that you are, I can’t help but be flattered by your comment!! Thanks Oona!!

      Oh + nope, I haven’t even tried the shorts yet!


  2. Wow, what an adorable top and it looks great on you!! I am too old for this style, but my daughter would just love me forever if I make this for her. So glad you got back into the swing of sewing again, you are obviously talented!

  3. You gotta sew more. This is amazing. I’m bookmarking that pattern…. now. Love the mix of the kind of Navajo print with the corsety shape – totally unexpected and wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the comment re the name change. I had changed the name after I left a comment. then thought OMG need to go and change everywhere I have registered lol. Yes I like Thread Noir because am a fan of the old black and white movies, film noir, plus I tend to sew in the evening. Love the way it sounds and looks too. And I feel it’s me . . . for now any way.

  5. That top is just perfect. The bust is a fantastic fit, the length of the peplum spot on, the jewel tones pop all over the place. POW!! (From one lazy perfectionist who gets caught up in fear to another. Which is lame, yet so easy to tell another how silly it is)

  6. Oh my gosh, this is GORGEOUS! I just stumbled across your blog while doing a google image search for M6325; I’ve had it for a little while and I was thinking about mocking up a muslin today and wanted to see if anyone else had made it and what they thought of it. Yours is the best of the bunch – it’s so bright and fun, and I like the fit on you (others have said they sized down – but I didn’t like the way the fabric pulled in some of their versions).

    Okay, I have so many things I have to do before I can start this today, but I just wanted to say thanks for lighting a fire to get me going with this pattern!

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